Independent Podcast Conference Call for Speakers

We are looking for inspired, passionate people who want to share their expertise at the conference.

Terms and conditions

We’ve provided some specific guidelines to which you will give your commitment by agreeing below. If we select you as a speaker at ICON9, you will be committed to these terms and conditions:

Only speakers or panelists themselves may apply to speak at ICON9. Submissions from agents, PR firms, administrative assistants, etc. will not be considered.

If selected for a speaking opportunity at ICON9, the ICON Team will communicate directly with the speaker/panelists in lieu of a third party (agent, PR firm, administrative assistant, etc.) Furthermore, this will serve as the agreement between the speaker and ICON. No other agreements will be issued.


In addition to speaking, all speakers, moderators, experts, and panelists are expected to submit their speaking materials (powerpoints or otherwise) no later than September 1, 2023.


Speakers are responsible for booking their own travel and accommodations.

Qualifications for speaking opportunities

Spotlight Speaker

  • First-year ICON speaker
  • 5-minute spotlight speaking the opportunity

Featured Speaker

  • Second-year ICON speakers
  • 18 minute featured speaking opportunity

Compensation will consist of the following:

  • Spotlight speakers will receive a 50% discount off of a Plus Ticket.
  • Featured speakers will receive one free Plus Ticket.
  • All speakers will get a chance to speak in front of over 100+ attendees on the main stage.


By agreeing to speak at ICON, you are granting ICON the right to use your name, image, bio and topic information in the promotion of the show and your session. This includes listings in the web site, promotional mailers/e-mails/newsletters, advertisements, the show directory/addendum and various other sources as to be determined by the ICON.

Independent Creator Conference shall have the right and royalty-free license to sell or to produce and show a tape-delayed broadcast of the speaker’s session, or to the public generally, through streaming Internet video or DVD.

There is to be absolutely no selling by speakers on stage. Educate the audience; do not sell to them. Impress attendees with your knowledge and they will seek you out. Self-promotion is prohibited. Also, there are to be no political discussions, hate speech or jokes, and no foul language from speakers. If that is a problem, please do not confirm this agreement.

Please complete the fields below and confirm your agreement to the terms before you proceed to the rest of the submission form:

Here are some ideas for topics we look for from our ICON speakers:

  • Creativity
  • Community Building
  • Monetization
  • Getting Guests
  • Better Audio Quality
  • Mobile Recording
  • Recording Studio Setup
  • Show Notes Writing
  • Storytelling
  • Live Streaming
  • Audio Editing
  • Being a Better Host/Interviewer

Please read the speaker agreement before signing up to speak at ICON9.

This is an application to speak, and we will pick out the best talks for the conference.