Creative Podcast Competition Submissions For ICON6 (2020)

For the 6th annual Creative Podcast Competition Workshop, we teamed podcasters up into teams of 4, gave them 25 minutes to create a short podcast episode based around 6 random words.

The submission will consist of:

  • Logo
  • Theme song
  • Opening
  • Episode content
  • Closing

The submission is to be judged on: creativity, length, content, originality, and X-Factor.

The winning team will have win a prize pack for each team member from Readily Random Graffix and Jodi Krangle VoiceOver!


Team 1

Their words were:


  • Organ, Unaware, Acid, First-Hand, Flood, Minimize


Team 2

Their words were:


  • Chest, Praise, Flatware, Pill, Double, Ministry, Doubt