2020 ICON6 Creative Podcast Competition Workshop Submissions – Independent Podcast Conference

Creative Podcast Competition Submissions For ICON6 (2020)

For the 6th annual Creative Podcast Competition Workshop, we teamed podcasters up into teams of 4, gave them 25 minutes to create a short podcast episode based around 6 random words.

The submission will consist of:

  • Logo
  • Theme song
  • Opening
  • Episode content
  • Closing

The submission is to be judged on: creativity, length, content, originality, and X-Factor.

The winning team will have win a prize pack for each team member from Readily Random Graffix and Jodi Krangle VoiceOver!


Team 1

Their words were:


  • Organ, Unaware, Acid, First-Hand, Flood, Minimize


Team 2

Their words were:


  • Chest, Praise, Flatware, Pill, Double, Ministry, Doubt